About Me

About me

My name is Laura Bravo Sánchez and I am a Biomedical Engineer. My research focuses on the intersection betweeen Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing in biomedical images.

Under the tutelage of Prof. Pablo Arbeláez, my advisor and leader of my research group (Biomedical Computer Vision Uniandes), I had the opportunity during my undergraduate and master's studies to improve my skills for both research and teaching others.

I am interested in creating ways in which the tools from computer vision can be applied to biomedical problems, particularly to improve access to health care. Currently I am looking for a Ph.D. that can help me accomplish this goal.

When I am not working on my research I am learning to rock climb, mostly bouldering (I am paralized by heights), embroidering or enjoying nature.

Research Projects

Research Projects

Scene Parsing of Robot-Assisted Surgery Videos

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Smart Pooling: AI Powered COVID-19 Testing

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The Four-Leaf Clover Dataset

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Totæ Lacrimæ

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Publications and Awards

Publications and Awards

ISINet: An Instance-Based Approach for Surgical Instrument Segmentation

Cristina González, Laura Bravo-Sánchez and Pablo Arbeláez.

In Medical Image Computing and ComputerAssisted Intervention – MICCAI 2020

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Recipient of the Fulbright Scholarship Colombia Minciencias 2021 cohort.

Official Anouncement

Leader of Team Uniandes. We won first place in the activity recognition task at the MIcro-Surgical Anastomose Workflow recognition on training sessions Challenge part of MICCAI 2020

For more information on the challenge and the results click here

Smart Pooling: AI-powered COVID-19 testing

María Escobar, Guillaume Jeanneret, Laura Bravo-Sánchez, et al.

MedRxiv preprint medRxiv:2020.07.13.20152983

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Robust Medical Instrument Segmentation Challenge 2019

Tobias Ross, Annika Reinke, et al.

arXiv preprint arXiv:2003.10299

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Leader of Team Uniandes. We won 5 awards at the Robust Endoscopic Instrument Segmentation Challenge 2019 part of MICCAI 2019, in the Multiple Instance Segmentation and Multiple Instance Detection tasks. We were the only participating team from latin america out of 12 teams and more than 50 participants.

For more information on the challenge and the results click here

Project page | Slides

Finding Four-Leaf Clovers: A Benchmark for Fine-Grained Object Localization

Laura Bravo*, Alejandro Pardo*, Gustavo Perez*, Pablo Arbelaez

The Sixth Workshop on Fine-Grained Visual Categorization (FGVC6), CVPR 2019.

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Work Experience

Research Assistant 2019 - Present

Recognition of instruments in laparoscopic and robotic-assisted surgery scenes.

Development of dataset for action recognition in surgical scenes.

Teaching Assistant - Biomedical Image Processing 2017

As the teacher for the laboratories I created new material for teaching machine learning methods applied to biomedical problems, and advised students on their class project. This class teaches students to use machine learning to solve biomedical problems that use visual information.

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant - Biomedical Image Processing 2016

Guided students with the material, taught the review sessions with original material and helped with organizing the class. The topics of this class are focused on machine learning techniques using visual data and their applications to biomedical problems.

What I've learned so far

My Skills




3D printing (MeshLab, etc.)

Statistical analysis (Minitab, etc.)

Spanish (Native)

English (C1)

French (B1)

Rock climbing



MSc. Biomedical Engineering 2017 - 2019

Universidad de los Andes

Emphasis on computer vision, machine learning and deep learning. During my thesis I investigated the recognition of different instruments in videos of robotic-assisted surgeries, via the inclusion of language and deep learning. Advisor: Prof. Pablo Arbeláez.



Colombia Crece

During 2018 I was a volunteer mathematics teacher for adults and the elderly at Colombia Crece, an organization created to democratize education in low-income neighbourhoods.

In 2017 I was a member of the sports climbing team at Universidad de los Andes, winning a silver medal in the bouldering competition.

Manos Visibles

For a summer in 2015 I volunteered at Manos Visibles an NGO that helps train leaders in underrepresented and isolated communities in Colombia.

Techo Colombia

From 2012 to 2014 I was a volunteer at Techo Colombia, mostly I helped builing houses in low-income communities and raising funds for construction costs.

Get in Touch


E-mail: lm.bravo10@uniandes.edu.co